Celebrity Owned BMW Z8 Gets A Major Audio Upgrade

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The BMW Z8 is timeless but the factory sound system had to go.

We are very fortunate that at Al & Eds Autosound West Hollywood we get a fair share of celebrity clients. While most of them do not mind if we disclose their names when we promote their cars this particular client has requested that we do not. So out of respect this ”friend” will remain anonymous.

Once we received the creative freedom to make this BMW Z8 sound as good as it looks we decided to spare no expense and use nothing but the best components and create a one of a kind audiophile BMW Z8.

The factory radio was replaced with a Kenwood eXcelon KVT-696 motorized 7″ wide screen am/fm/xm/iPod/iPod video/cd/dvd & navigation (KNA-G610) touch screen unit. This radio is very easy to use and when you engage the car into reverse the back up camera that we installed displays on the screen with a rear view image.

The factory front speakers were a 6.5″ and tweeter component set. We replaced those and were able to fit in the factory locations the Focal Utopia Kit NO.7 These 3-way components are the finest in the world. While they are also the most expensive speakers available in car audio they are definitely worth every penny. The crossblock network that comes with these speakers was prominently displayed in the trunk.

Even though the BMW Z8 comes with rear speakers we felt that it was not necessary to have them replaced so we disconnected them. Every great audio system needs bass and we chose to custom fabricate two enclosures behind the seats for two Alpine SWR-T10 shallow subwoofers. As always it is our goal to match all our fabrications with the cars existing colors and scheme and the subwoofer enclosures truly do compliment the interior design.

To make sure we have complete control and tuning ability of the sound system we installed the Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 EQ processor. With 153 bands of equalization and time alignment this processor allows us to connect to it via bluetooth technology to our laptop and tune the audio system.

The complete system is powered by 2 Alpine PDX series amplifiers. These are the new 2010/2011 models. The front speakers are powered by the PDX-F6 totalling over 600 watts of power and the subwoofers are powered by the PDX-M12 totalling over 1,200 watts of power. These amplifiers were prominently displayed in the trunk of the car.

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I do love a good Z8 . . .
Well done!
looks beautiful on the red interior
I do love a good Z8 . . .
Me too...One of my personal favorites.
i dont much care for the Z8 but the stereo install is perfect!
Amazing Car. All it needs now are some wheels!
very clean install! looks and probably sounds great.
Love that car...i've only seen 2 or 3 in Saudi
well done, looks great.
Pure Genius Right There....Good Work.
Thank you for the compliment.
Wow, guys!! Love the job and did not take away from the classy-ness of the vehicle. That red interior from BMW is just gorgeous!!!!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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