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Hahaha Ive been outted!

Miss you MTK.. but i took great care of Eleanore!

How does it compare to the 16M as far as comfort, driveability, speed, ect?

The 458 is a completely different beast.

Everyone has to remember that the 16m is really a 'track car'. it is Raw(mean) and just drrty. I love the 16m, and I could drive it or a Skud every day. EASILY!

But the 458 truly is a remarkable car. I or anyone could drive it every single day and never be bored, or hindered by the car in any way. She is comfortable as hell, and has all the technology that all the Benz's and Acuras do.
Now I did spec my car to my specifications.. so I guess I can say the car is loaded.. But she is a totally different beast.

Driveability- Amazing
Speed- How is 165 before hitting the end of the on ramp.. and thats not full throttle.

I will have to get more into it later... but until then.. I AM IN LOVE... but still not getting rid of the 16m any time soon
1 - 20 of 83 Posts
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