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Cartier Roadster custom strap build

For some reason I've always liked the Cartier Roadster. Not sure why, I would normally call myself a traditionalist. Maybe its the car connection...

I talked to Rob about building a V3 for it, and understandably it isn't on his programme thanks to the oddball latching method to the case; I'm definitely not a fan of the factory straps.

Time to get out the knife.

Tan Leather Strap Belt

Belt Strap Beige Leather Fashion accessory

Yellow Strap Beige


Wood Leather

Belt Strap Buckle Fashion accessory

Strap Metal


Metal Plant Antique tool

Hopefully I'll be able to use black magic to make the two become one.

Strap Buckle Belt Fashion accessory Metal

Belt Buckle Fashion accessory Strap Beige

Fashion accessory Personal protective equipment Metal Eyewear

Strap Fashion accessory Belt Watch Dog collar

I'm far from a Strapsmith, but at least it has lots of character.
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