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We're looking to possibly head to the Caribbean for our anniversary in September. Any recommendations?

We'd be staying in a Marriott (Ritz, Rennaisance and Autograph included) to use accrued points.

So far we've looked at Scrub Island, Grand Cayman Ritz, Aruba and St Thomas. Everything looks great on the surface, but once we dive into reviews it seems like everywhere is crowded and lacking in something (service, food, facilities).

Looking to be semi-active with a LOT of quiet relaxing the rest of the time.
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i have been to Mexico, Cuba, Dominican, and Jamaica, and honestly Cuba is my Favourite
Celebrating in Caribbean sounds great. Being in West Indies if you get chance do watch a cricket match.
Don't know if you've already gone but After living in aruba for 3 years i can you for relaxing it's great. night life is good as well! but you'll mostly be around the high rise area. gusto and senior frogs are the main ones. Confessions night club is always a drag unless you enjoy nothing but latino music. and on sundays make sure to hit up moomba beach (outdoor bar/club @ mariott). As for activities the best i can say is rent a couple of quads or a dune buggy and explore the island. natural bridge is nothing special but the natural pool is dope. places to eat are plentiful! authentic fish straight from the ocean to your plate go to zeerover.

just realized i might be missing that place a bit too much hahaha
anyways if anyone does go to aruba feel free to pm me if you have any questions. lol
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I like St. Thomas myself. It is very touristy, geared towards a lot of shopping in Charlotte Amellie, and can get crowded when they have a lot of cruise ships in, but those days I will generally head to St. John's (10 minute ferry ride) or will charter a boat to the BVI and go to the Soggy Dollar, Willie T's, etc. Every island I have been to down there runs on their own is a lot slower than what most in the states are used to. Its a blast. We used to go almost twice/year, but since we have kids, it has been about every year to every other year.
^ agreed, St.Thomas was off and on touristy - when the cruise ships come in it's nuts. There is more to do as far as shopping, nightlife and such in the more well known areas like St. Thomas but thats your double edged sword. It is a great place to island hop though and see different things.

We recently returned from Turks and Caicos and we stay in the Grace Bay area. Very private, very reclusive but once you leave the resort/condo area you are staying in there is not much to do. More of a vacation for laying on the beach in private..more my type.
We loved St. John's for the quiet beauty and St. Maarten for the shopping. Grand Cayman got old because it's the same shops and products over and over.
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