Can You Guess What This Guesthouse is Made From?

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Not all guest houses are made equal and by the looks of this one on the foothills of the Green Mountains in Pomfret, Vermont, no guesthouse was made like this one.

Made completely of re-purposed snow fencing, the exterior looks rugged, raw and definitely ready to face the elements.

Round the corner and you’ll be faced with plenty of glass walls with black metal panes, showing the interior with plenty of natural light during the day.

Thanks to carefully selected furniture and key statement pieces, the interior’s design is contemporary and almost futuristic, especially when you look at the floating fireplace.

Taking full advantage of the windows, an L-shaped couch is perched in the corner and an elegant golden table has been selected instead of a large, obtuse coffee table. Not only does it look classy, but you also have a better view of the carpet (and, let's face it, your toes will thank you later).

Although no photos of the bedrooms are readily available, they are without doubt as upscale and borderline minimalist as the rest of the home.

When the leaves begin to fall and the days fade shorter and colder, you’ll always have this place to call your second home--and it’s just as glorious as it is in the summer.

[Source: Airows ]

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