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Dear L4P members,

Is it possible for you guys to vote for my picture on Facebook so i can win a contest for once in my life :)

1. Click on this link Bell & Ross Heritage Photo Contest on Facebook | Facebook.
2. Click on "VIEW ALL".
3. Vote for the picture by "Niels Tielen"

A bit of explanation with the picture and contest. You can win a B&R vintage WW1 watch.
My grandpa is a huge WW1 and WW2 freak and i want to give him this watch for his 85th birthday.

He has been a WW1 and WW2 specialist since he was 16. This is because a Wellington Bomber crashed not so far from his house when he was 16. He actually has a piece of that airplane in his bureau allong with other WW1 and WW2 stuff.

Proof of the crash can be found here RCAF Wellington Crash.

Thanks in advance for the vote and that you guys took time to read this.

Kind regards,
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