C43 AMG, hmmmm?

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I'm looking to take my first step into the world of luxury vehicles, tho a cheap, 10+ year old car is a small step indeed. I've been reading a lot about these recently but I'm still lacking personal testimony. Have any of you had these? Definitely have a few questions before I make the purchase.

I'm not 100% decided on the C43 but it seems to be the most bang for my buck as far as older model AMGs are concerned. If you guys have recommendations on other, similarly priced, AMG models I'd welcome that input as well:)
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I wouldn't buy anything cheap, luxury and 10+ years old. You're only asking for problems. Even if you can do all the work on the car yourself, parts are still crazy expensive and it's never the small stuff that goes bad with those cars. You're going to be shelling out a grand here and there on a regular basis.

I would walk personally, unless you know of one that's coming up for sale that was owned by a rich old lady who passed away and only drove it to church on sunday.
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