Buying The Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe Might Be The Most Luxury Move Ever

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We’ve featured some truly insane and impossibly expensive products and services on Luxury4Play, but this may be a first: a luxury train to buy and own, in its entirety. We’d rather not dive into the semantics of where you’d drive (conduct) a train if you owned one, but there’s no doubt it’d be one hell of a crazy purchase.
The “ Majestic Imperator ” is considered one of the world’s most luxurious trains, reviving traditional train design from the late 1800’s. Built according to original plans, the seven carriages with a total of 239 seats (197 dining seats, 42 salon seats) offers an exclusive experience for the sophisticated traveler. Each carriage is uniquely designed and original, offering the highest level of comfort, safety, and luxury amongst all the trains on the planet.
The Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe is suitable for anything – meetings and conferences, incentive journeys, presentations, weddings, anniversaries, and the list goes on.  VIPs worldwide have graced the train with their presence, from Ex US-President Jimmy Carter to Otto von Habsburg.

Highlights of the train include:
  • Worldwide, unique handcrafted masterpiece in immaculate condition
  • Modern, up to date “behind the wall” technology
  • Exceptional antiques from the Emperor Franz Josef I and the Empress Sisi
  • State of the art hygiene protection systems (kitchen, comfort stations)
  • Global readiness for duty on standard gauge railway infrastructure
Now you’re probably wondering – the price. The good news is, it can be had for under eight-digits: a cool $9,852,300 USD will have you conducting this fine train .

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