This Dallas, Texas mansion is what we call a ‘mullet mansion’: business in the front, party in the back.

And though mullets may be uncool and out of style, this $32 million estate gives the Joe-Dirt-hairdo a good name.

You get what you pay for in the ultra-luxurious palace, loaded with eight bathrooms, 17.5 bathrooms (that’s not a typo), ornate chandeliers, and fireplaces. The amenities rival any high-priced property, packing a full-size, indoor basketball court, various game rooms, a bowling alley, a ten-car garage – and that’s not even taking into account the backyard.

The backyard is where guests will set their eyes to the stunned setting, taking in a genuine waterpark. It features a massive waterslide, a jungle gym-water thing, waterfall, rock formations, a giant pool, and palm trees scattered throughout. Oh, and there’s non-water activities like the tennis court and in-ground trampoline.

Who says mullets aren’t awesome?