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Our first event of 2014 is SET! And it is a track day. We haven't been to ButtonWillow Raceway for over a year, but we are happy to get back.

Buttonwillow Raceway
Friday February 28, 2014
Open Runs = No run groups
***25 Cars limited***
***$275 per person***

These track days are a bit different than others. We run an extremely small group, with open track access. This lets you come and go as you please. Since your car does not always agree with your assigned "group" times, our setup makes sure that you don't miss out on any track time because you or your car isn't ready to run. It has worked very well for us at both Buttonwillow and Thunderhill.

At our previous Buttonwillow event day, one of the guys had almost 4 hours of track time using this sort of setup. Insane. We will be joining with one of our buddies from SEMA for some track timing for the day. More info on that to come. Also, we are working to get some driving instructors but it is not locked in yet. Bring some of that talent from your canyon runs, and run it on the track!

Already confirmed for the event:

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia 640 HP
2014 Ferrari 458 Spider 560 HP
2006 Ford GT 1056 HP
2004 Porsche Carrera GT 626 HP
2001 Porsche Turbo 700 HP

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Red
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