Building a Chicago Rooftop Deck

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I just closed on a small condo in Bucktown on Tuesday. It's on the third story and I have interior access to the roof which is 65' x 18'. In the process of looking for a place, I saw some really sweet decks and got a few good ideas.

I basically want a wooden deck, pergola, and an outdoor kitchen with a garden variety of plants and trees. I can do most of the work but I want the deck itself to be done professionally. So, if anyone knows a good, reputable builder who specializes in decks please let me know.

Here are a few pics of the staircase and the roof.

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looks like a very workable space. I also like the idea of the gardens on the roof. it will help absorb some of the heat that hits the surface area and will ultimately help cool your place down in the summer if designed right.

good luck on the project!
wow that already looks great just with the wood!
1 - 2 of 78 Posts
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