Franco-Danish relations haven’t been so good since Ingeborg of Denmark was queen consort of France, as LEGO and Bugatti are working together again.

The two released a 3,600-piece model on June 1, and apparently really liked working together, because another model is being teased on Facebook.

So far we know very little, since the teaser is predictably light on details. But it’s also alight, by which of course we mean that the teaser shows Chiron-style headlights lighting up.

The teaser also shows a portion of the front fender, which is made up of a vast quantity of LEGO Technic parts, suggesting that this model will be very large, indeed.

Life-size models have been made out of other cars, like the McLaren 720S, the ’64 Mustang, and more, so a life-size Chiron isn’t as ridiculous as it may sound.

Whatever it is, we’ll know for sure on August 30, when LEGO and Bugatti reveal “the impossible” that they’ve built.