Buenos Aires

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Im headed there for a few days next weekend.
Any recommendations? Any car hot spots?
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Car hot spots aren't really existent there ;)

Be sure to check out the area around the harbor (Puerto Madero), a lot of typical tango dancers are in San Telmo, La Boca is a very beautiful part of the city famous for its colorful houses and also the birthplace of tango...
For shopping and sightseeing, I can recommend Avenida Corrientes, Avenida de Mayo, the Obelisc on the Avenida Nueve de Julio (widest road on earth)... check them out! You could also visit a polo game, the luxury brand "La Martina" has it's roots in argentinian polo ;)

Where are you stayin? We have an appartement in Recoleta...

Oh, nearly forgot to tell: You really have to get an Assado while you there. It's basically a BBQ, just better with high quality meat ;)
Some fancy hotel. I don't even know yet haha
And I'll put your message on my iPhone, thanks again.
check out florida street for shopping
Going to be going there soon also.
For fishing
check out florida street for shopping
Thanks, will do!
I'll try and take some pictures for people that are interested.
do so! it's been a while I've been there, would love to see the changes! should have been going in a month, but didn't get the time off from my gov. service, so it's only my parents who go =/
It's pretty nice here. The food is great, the people drive like its a touring car championship, meet up with some friends here.. crime wise.. ive seen a few failed attempts to steal purses and someone not to far from us was stabbed to death. It's as safe as any other city... really nice place. I do enjoy how dinner starts at 11PM and when you sit down to eat, you are sitting for 2 or more hours.. it's pretty laid back id say.. plus there is so much wine to go around that everyones happy.
i'm in buenos aires right now... where did you see those failed attempts? Some dude tried to mug me two weeks ago, unfortunately for him I sprint faster ;)
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