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Thanks for the continued support!

I have a few Gem Jewelry safes that are available for immediate delivery.

If this safe doesn't meet your needs, I also have some Gem 2418's, 4018's and 6018's available.

Custom Gem:


Inside dimensions 15"H x 46“W x 14.5"D
Safe door: 1/2" thick solid
Outside dimensions 16"H x 47“W x 20"D
- Safe body: 1/4" thick solid steel
- Weight 520 lbs
- Ball and roller bearing hinges
-Hinge Location – double door
- Electronic push button lock
-Door Clearance – 135 degrees
-Granulated carbide hardplate
-Color – Black
-1” locking bolts
-Wood Type – Zebrawood
-Interior lights
-Lock Finish – Brushed stainless
-Fabric – Black ultrasuede

Internal Jewelry drawers

Left side of safe:
1.5” deep drawer – H layout
1.5” deep drawer – H layout
2” deep drawer – E layout
3” deep drawer – I layout

Right side of safe:
1.5” deep drawer – B layout
5” deep drawer – open (watch winders can be installed in this drawer if needed

Original price: $6,000... forum price $5,000 (without winders). Winders can be added for $500 each.

Please call or email with any questions!
Matt C. Goldstein
Brown Safe Manufacturing, Inc.
"Built To A Higher Standard"
[email protected]
Office: 760-233-2293
Cell: 760-807-3752
Fax: 760-233-2297
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