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Thanks for all the continued support, we love being part of the L4P community!

Brown Safe Manufacturing has done it again... here is another example of our top of the line Chronos watch/jewelry safe. This is our smaller 4218 model in the STK (stainless, titanium & black) finish w/ custom 6" flared pedestal. Absolutely stunning in person! As always, built to a higher standard!


Chronos Series 4218 P COM (STK Finish)

Inside dimensions 42"H x 18"W x 16"D
Outside dimensions 48"H x 24"W x 26"D

- Ballistic Armor Plate - six sided
- Fire Protection with intumescent seal
- Biometric entry with custom display
- Granulated carbide hard plate
- Ball and roller bearing hinges
- Custom stainless jewelry interior with lined drawers
- Custom watch panel with 16 Orbita watch winders
- One 5" drawer
- Approx 14" of open space with one adjustable shelf
- Glass plate relocking device
- Interior light
- Three way boltwork with anti-drive
- Titanium locking bolts
- Weight 1350 lbs
- Fabric - Black Ultrasuede

Additional options on this safe:
- GPS tracking
- Custom flared 6" Chronos pedestal
- Multi-sensor alarm

Additional available options:
- Three movement timeclock
- Custom watch carousel
- Carbon fiber exterior
- Custom theme w/ custom display

Enjoy the pics:

I have one Chronos 6218 (larger) body in stock, built and ready for paint and final assembly. Depending on the configuration desired, I could have this safe ready for shipment in 2 - 3 weeks vs. our standard 10 week lead time.

Here is a link to more information about the Chronos on our website:

Please contact me directly anytime with questions regarding this safe or any security related items.
Matt C. Goldstein
Brown Safe Manufacturing, Inc.
"Built To A Higher Standard"
Safes - Brown Safe Manufactures High Security Luxury Safes, Standard Safes, Custom Safes, and Vaults
[email protected]
Office: 760-233-2293
Cell: 760-807-3752
Fax: 760-233-2297

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You guys make the most amazing looking products. It blows me away. I almost wouldn't want the damn thing closed and locked. I'd want it open to show off how fantastic it looks.

One day...

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