British Airways Channels Rolls-Royce For Its New Dreamliner Cabin Design

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British Airways ’ Dreamliner fleet has received a first-class facelift.

London-based firm Forpeople have designed a fresh first-class cabin and suite for the Boeing 787-9, the latest addition to British Airways’ team.

The suave suites sport a more robust look, featuring encapsulated dark-gray upholstered seats with diamond-patterned stitching, complemented by stitched leather and aluminum details.

Taking every contingency in regards to passenger’s comfort into consideration, the designers even took into account how the materials would be affected by both natural and artificial light sources.

They’re the most exclusive cabins the airline offers, capable of accommodating only eight rather than the usual 14 per cabin. Compared to the smaller planes suites, the 787-9 Dreamliner has far better acoustics and offer much more storage space.

Smartphone-like devices are on the side of every seat, controlling in-flight entertainment and seat position. It’s also a second screen to watch shows, so you can multitask on entertainment (every seat has a fixed 23-inch monitor as well).

“[Forpeople has] such an impressive heritage in high-end automotive, technology, environment and luxury design that, combined with its experience working so closely with us for over 10 years, has translated beautifully to the new cabins for the 787-9,” British Airways’ head of customer Abigail Comber said in a statement.

The aircraft is already taking off in Delhi, Abu Dhabi, and Kuala Lumpur, with inaugural flights to Muscat, Austin, and San Jose, California scheduled in November.

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