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Hi Ferrari owners and fans,

Please join us for a three day track weekend, Global Tuner GP, at Laguna Seca. There is no sound restrictions this weekend and the GTGP is one of four PRO format weekends there with a full ALMS style pre grid and ceremonies.

Those of you who would like to enter, we are offering an L4P discount on the entry, $100 off. Please be sure to mention L4P on the entry form.

We have full rules and info on the event website, Global Tuner Grand Prix

Just to clarify, this is not a wheel-to-wheel race. This is a time attack. You do not need roll cage in your car or pro racing experience. We have a street class where all you'll need to run is a helmet and your street car.

Saturday night on Oct 23rd the GTGP will host a Gala to support autism research. Please join us for the Autism meets Victory Lane party:
Global Tuner Grand Prix

If you have any questions please email [email protected]. We look forward to meeting the L4P folks at the GTGP. Thanks guys for spreading the word.

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