Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel

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I am seriously looking for a Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel.

If anybody knows of one that is available, please be so kind and drop me a PM or mail.

My excitement was short-lived when the owner of such a watch he wants to sell on this forum told me rather discourteously that "Not interested in selling outside of USA"! :confused:

I am sure he has his reasons why not :noidea: but I respect that.
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i have a SA Black Steel i would be willing to sell. i would rather have the deal done state side as well. if you can have one of your friends here in the US handle it for you then let me know and we can work a deal out. PM me if your interested. it is as new in box with all boxes and papers and 2 custom Rob Montana straps with it and the unworn oem rubber one as well.
Yeah; he is a real winner. Sorry for the behavior, but there is more of a hassle with shipping I believe. Maybe contacting one of our sponsors would be the best route.
I'm a real winner??? My original ad stated USA only. This guy is newer than me here at L4P and lives in Africa and wanted me to ship a expensive watch to him and I'm the "real winner"? Why don't you do it? I've sold over 50 high end watches (mostly on eBay and watchuseek); I'm pretty sure I know how not to get F#@ked. Thanks anyway.
Blair was talking about the OP
Someone on here has an itchy vajajay...
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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