Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel

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I am seriously looking for a Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel.

If anybody knows of one that is available, please be so kind and drop me a PM or mail.

My excitement was short-lived when the owner of such a watch he wants to sell on this forum told me rather discourteously that "Not interested in selling outside of USA"! :confused:

I am sure he has his reasons why not :noidea: but I respect that.
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Getting the watch to this part of the planet is no problem at all. I have several mates living State-side who come this way from time to time...and sometimes I go there too! Just got back from North Carolina! :wink:

Finding the watch seems to be the bummer! :bitenails:
That will be an obvious option...but for that I need to be able to communicate with him!
I hope he is just tied up at present.
I did mention this in my first message to him and also in my response after his answer.

Let's see.

I really dont blame Troy, I would not be willing to ship a watch there either, look at the OPs location....

Good luck in your search!!!
You joking yes...?!
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