Two powerhouse automakers have joined forces to develop technology for better engines.

BMW and McLaren will collaborate to combine their expertise to develop internal combustion engines that are both more powerful and more efficient. It is interesting that McLaren will be working with BMW even though the British automaker has a long-standing relationship with Mercedes-Benz and AMG. The results of the collaboration will be applied to engines in production cars from both automakers.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt confirmed that the company “will continue to independently design and build our own engines, and the benefits of this project will help us accelerate the development of our next generation of powertrain, as confirmed in our recently announced Track22 business plan.”

The Track22 plan involves investing £1-billion in research and development to bolster the McLaren lineup to have 15 all new cars or derivatives by 2022. Part of the plan includes new internal combustion powertrains, a fully electric powertrain, and having half the McLaren lineup feature hybrid technology by 2022.

The British automaker will “continue to focus purely” on two-seat sports and supercars, so don’t expect a McLaren sedan or SUV anytime soon.

Meanwhile, BMW is also trying to bolster its hybrid and electric car lineup, but this new collaboration will focus on only on internal combustion.