New patent applications have revealed details Ferrari’s gas-electric hybrid propulsion system, which is expected to appear in the majority of Ferrari road cars from 2019 onward.

Three separate patent applications relating to Ferrari’s hybrid powertrain were dug up, with the most important being for a “Road Vehicle with an Electric Drive.” In this application, the automaker describes a drive system that consists of an electric motor mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that is “simple and inexpensive.” Interestingly, the patent also describes how the transmission wouldn’t feature a conventional reverse gear and would instead use an all-electric mode to reverse.

Relating to that patent is a second for a “Method to Control an Electric Motor of a Hydraulic System of a Transmission in a Vehicle.” Exact details on this invention are scarce and we imagine it’s rather complicated, but it sounds as though it’s some sort of control module that will ensure optimal operation of the electric motor.

The final patent is for a “Method to Control an Electric Motor with Adjustment of the Value of the Equivalent Impedance.” This is again for some sort of control unit that will adjust the settings of the electric motor by “compensating the negative effects of constructive dispersion of the components,” the filing said.

This system sounds like an evolution of the LaFerrari’s hybrid powertrain, which also included an electric motor attached to the automaker’s seven-speed dual clutch transmission. In the LaFerrari, energy is harvested under braking and routed to the motor under acceleration – just like a Formula 1 car. A second electric generator is also used to power standard functions like the lights and indicators so the battery isn’t robbed of any power.