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Blue beast GT-R R35 with Armytrix titanium exhaust - Dangerous Sound!

What brings NISSAN GT-R to higher level with unique feature of exhaust sound and performance? Armytrix has always been a great choice for it. Armytrix titanium exhaust for GT-R is super light weight with just 16 K.G., the sophisticated design of the valvetronic muffler and 90mm straight pipes is what going to make your GT-R sound as brutal as it can be, just watch the video of that Blue GT-R revving, you will understand :lol:

It's more than just an exhaust system, Armytrix developed a state-of-the-art exhaust system with cutting-edge valvetronic technology in 3 modes. Valves are changeable for different sounds and backpressure adjustment. Valvetronic system allow driver switch valves open/close any timing they want, this intelligent design not only enhance car's performance but heighten driving experience to the new level.

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Aggressive titanium metallic-like exhaust sounds

Full Armytrix titanium exhaust set for NISSAN GT-R R35

Exquisite remote control kits for drivers that can easily switch the valves modes anytime they want.

Valvetronic system provide the perfect DB pitch on idle and cruise when valves are closed, yet on high rpm red this system will scream with valves opened straight pipe.

Armytrix decatted downpipe with cat-simulator improve exhaust efficiency with no check engine light.

Missing something?

Complete the look on the Quad titanium blue tips.

High quality plating shows that Armytrix pay attention in every detail.

Armytrix also provide matte black and chrome polished silver tips to fit each different customer's style.

Armytrix perfectly fitted on GT-R once again. Dangerous monster coming out of the cage with the new transformation, you better run when you see it on the streets.

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