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Have several Black-Tie events coming up this fall. Unfortunately none of the 4 pieces of formal wear I own fit me any more. (Way too big thankfully). I have a Traditional 2 button Tux, Double Breasted Tux, Velvet (jacket) 2 Button Tux and a Shawl Collar Tux.

I'm looking to get just 1 now to replace. I'm leaning towards a tradional 2 Button, but am also contemplating doing the velvet instead.

I'm pretty traditional when it comes to formal wear, I like a ticket pocket, double rear vents, no belt loops (as I always wear braces with a tux). I do however like a little spin on things to make it unique, without losing the traditonal look.

I also prefer a non-bibbed shirt, that requires a stud set with a traditonal spreak collar vs a tuxedo winged tip collar. I dont wear a cummerbund or vest, and always a black bow tie.

Does anyone have nay suggestions for the new get up or any photos of what you wear/like?

I will be wearing it to 2 weddings, 2 charity events and the opening of SF Symphony, and then whatever else comes up...

Appreciate your input!
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