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Sometimes you know you want to complete some sort of renovation of your house, but you’re not sure how far your budget can actually stretch. How much does a bathroom reno cost, anyway? How much of that is labor and how much is materials? What are other factors to consider when estimating a remodeling project’s cost? These are the types of questions homeowners face when figuring out what type of home improvement projects they can complete. The following is a breakdown by budget amount of what you can expect to accomplish at every angle of the spectrum.

The $500 budget

If you have a minimal budget to work with or just a little extra left over from a Christmas bonus or tax return, try thinking about what rooms in your house could use an extra layer of paint. Or would you like to change up the color scheme a bit, seeing as your kitchen colors haven’t been changed since the early 1990s? Use good bright colors for accent walls and complement them with pillows or other accessories. Popular now for main interior areas are neutral tones like taupe or mocha.
Another option would be to update some light fixtures in an area where lighting is key and fairly visible. Kitchen lighting is a good place to start, or dining areas where chandeliers from even 10 years ago can start to go out of style. Bathroom lighting is also key and is another room of the house guests might frequent.

The $5,000 budget

You can get a little more creative when you have a few thousand to spend. Flooring in main areas is a good place to start, seeing as it gets a lot of wear and tear and can appear dirty earlier than flooring in other parts of the house. You could also redo your kitchen countertop with quartz or granite, both materials now popular and known for their durability. Kitchen cabinets could also be repainted with today’s prevailing colors of cream, black, or gray.

The $15,000 budget

This type of windfall could allow you to do much more extensive renovations, including replacing a front porch or back deck, replacing carpet with hardwood floors, or changing up your cabinetry to make way for a double stove or wider refrigerator. This is also enough to redo an entire bathroom, complete with new sink, vanity, tub, toilet, and shower head.

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