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Dear Friends,

in addition to being a lover of sports cars I founded Passaggio Cravatte ( Passagio Cravatte )

We are not a company but a family. Where everything is bespoke and where we have not only customers, but only children to pamper yourself .

classic ties.jpg

Today in Italy we are the only ones :

do not have anything ready because everything is bespoke .

we are the only ones who have yet vintage silks hand-printed many years ago . In fact, all our silks are aged 30 to 80 years of life. And they are all in danger of extinction .

we are the only ones in Italy to do even the ancient 7 folds in a single piece of silk. This is when all ties to the world are the union of 3 pieces of silk. Let's say you are the Rolls of all the ties.

And finally, we are the only ones not to have shops because for me too commercial . For our clients we meet them all at the Four Seasons or Park Hyatt Milan . For me, the service is part of the quality of the product.

Having many foreign customers we are also able to provide a bespoke service also via mail. Just send an email to [email protected]

To understand our quality I can tell you that we work with Rolls Royce, with Quintessentially and our quality has been told by magazines such as Monocle , The Rake , Robb Report and many others.

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Thanks for everything,

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