Because in the hyperactive world of the rich and the famous, who has the time to actually stop for gas?

Bentley is trialing a new on-demand fuel service in partnership with U.S. based startup Filld. The scheme, called Filld for Bentley, will allow owners in California to order fuel for delivery via an app.

Bentley’s director of product and marketing, Christophe Georges, described the scheme as “affording our customers the greatest luxury of all: more time.”

Our connected car strategy will continue to expand and innovate in order to further enhance the Bentley lifestyle. Bentley ownership is about more than just the vehicle. It’s the entire luxury experience. We are continuously investigating ways in which to offer our customers tailored, convenient, smart services.”

An average motorist will spend 5-7 minutes stopped for gas, not including the opportunity cost of actually going to the gas station.

Weekday deliveries happen in the middle of the night, Bentley's clever integration allows the Filld employees to easily identify the vehicle, and pop the fuel door remotely so you don't have to.

For the privilege, Filled will charge $3-5 for delivery and send you the invoice through the app itself.

“Filld and Bentley share a vision for leveraging powerful connected car technology – to one day eliminate the need for customers to refuel their cars themselves, removing inconvenience and giving them more of their valuable time back.” said Filld co-founder Christopher Aubuchon.