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During the Industry Pool at the Nürburgring I have filmed this rather odd Porsche Panamera with a British registry. When you look closer you see wider fenders and other things. If you check the license plate from the UK it says it's registered as a Bentley.

The part sharing scheme within the Volkswagen Group is nothing unfamiliar to the fans of the corporation, and it will involve building a Bentley with Porsche parts. There’s nothing wrong with that if you ask us, and the carmaker's customers are not expected to mind.

One of the elements that will be shared by the two brands will be the MSB platform, which will be called MSB-F for the variant that is employed by Porsche and its "cousins" in Crewe. Porsche has already launched the new Panamera with the MSB base, but the "winged B" is currently developing the 2019 Flying Spur with a mule based on the Panamera.

While the metal components were easily stretched, the same could not be done for the rear windows. The parts sharing scheme between Bentley and Porsche will not end with the MSB platform, as the British model is expected to get several other components from the German brand. Expect to see more prototypes of the next Flying Spur in the future, as the next-generation car should reach showrooms by 2019.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bentley brand, the Flying Spur is the sedan version of the Continental GT, and the latter is already undergoing tests to prepare its production version.

Porsche and Bentley are going to share several parts in the future, and their number will be significantly higher than what someone might encounter today.
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