Bentley owners can now avoid having to rent a car when they’re traveling.

The new service is called Bentley on Demand and it offers current owners a new luxury connected-mobility service. It will be initially tested in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas this summer, but Bentley promises more cities will follow in the future. The service allows Bentley owners to request a Bentley while traveling or if they want a different Bentley for a special occasion. It’s a bespoke, connected, and door-to-door service that will enable customers to avoid the inconvenience and disruption of “traditional” (read: not bougie enough) rental car services.

Bentley on Demand is available to current owners as a concierge service on the Bentley Network app. Owners can download the app from the Apple App store, validate their account, and choose which Bentley vehicle they want from an “extensive luxury fleet.”

As part of the service, the concierge will explain and demonstrate the car’s features upon delivery. Once the reservation as ended, the same concierge will meet the customer at their preferred location to collect the car.