To appease the tastes of their Eastern clientele, Bentley decided to create a special-edition luxury car specific to the Korean market.

The Bentley Flying Spur was developed by Mulliner division, in conjunction with GQ magazine, managed by overseer / exterior design chief Sang Yup Lee.

What you see here is one of a kind: two-tone Magntic and Onyx shades of grey, with an interior adorned in saddle brown leather, and Mulliner's unique, almost tartan-like pattern, with Burnt Oak trim. The center custom console holds the crown jewel – a hidden jewelry department for your most prized watches or bracelets.

Bentley did complete a second example for the Korean market that was relatively close to this one-off, this version coming in white with a two-tone cabin space.

If you prefer the Korean models over western Bentley models, don’t sweat it – Mulliner can spice up a custom Bentley to your preferences, regardless of where you’re based in the world.