No longer will you have to stow your valuables way up in the tippy toes of your shoes when you go the beach because Bentley and Mulliner have developed a new safe for the Bentayga.

Made of pressure die-cast aluminum, the safe holds small valuables between the driver’s and the passenger’s seats.

The locker looks to be big enough for a watch, a necklace, or a wallet and Bentley argues that it’s the perfect place to hide valuables “while at the beach, on the ski slope or utilizing valet parking services.”

Best of all, though, the safe doesn’t just open with a key or a code or anything quite so pedestrian. It opens by scanning your fingerprint.

It’s real life Bond stuff!

If that wasn’t enough, you don’t actually have to show the valet driver that you don’t trust them, because the safe is hidden from view under the armrest.

“The Mulliner Biometric Secure Stowage unit is hidden from view,” said Uday Senapati, head of technical operations. “We are incorporating the familiar capacitive fingerprint sensor technology from smartphones that can store multiple fingerprints, allowing the user to control who accesses their valuables.”