Beginner ping pong paddle?

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I've been recreationally playing off and on. I just bought a Stiga Evoultion and really like it. I know it's not a custom blade and rubber combo and probably frowned upon here. How much of a difference is there from going off the shelf/rack to a custom blade/rubber paddle? When would be a good time to transition to this custom blade setup?
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It depends... There are so many variables that come into play when switching from this kind of racket to a custom racket that it's more or less impossible to say when to do such a switch and how different the new racket will feel. Some articles would help...
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Even an ALL+ blade, like the Stiga Evolution with any knid of anywhere near modern rubbers is gunna feel like a 100x solid rocket boost from your $3 Wallmart bat or even the $100 pre-made bats that are pimped online and in-person.
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