This"resort" is out of this world- literally! The European Space Agency (ESA) has proposed the idea that its “moon village” will one day allow tourists to stay on the moon, along with scientists.

ESA director general Johann-Dietrich Wörner said those who will be invited to stay on the lunar resort include scientists, businessmen and miners, who would be interested in extracting minerals from the moon. Where exactly would this resort be built? Probably near the poles, where it will offer access to water for drinking and maybe swimming (if the ESA decides to put a pool in there, because the blazing sun and amazing stars are so awfullyboring up there).

You could wear a bikini outside…not that you would do any good since you’d have to wear a space suit. It’s freezing up there, remember?!

But a holiday up in the stars doesn’t come without its risks. ESA has warned its tourists about the possibility of solar radiation, micro meteorites and extreme temperatures which, of course, is enough to ruin anyone’s holidays.
Wörner said that Russians would more than likely be among the first to use the base. It would also be used for things other than being a tourist attraction, including scientific and mining advances. Whether or not this thing will actually get built it, well, up in the air! For a more in-depth look at the village, here’s a video.

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