Late last year, we reported the unearthing of one of the largest diamonds ever found : a 1,109 carat diamond found in Botswana by a Canadian mining company called Lucara Diamond . At the time, the diamond was known as “Karowe AK6”, as it had not been named and while we compared it to the largest diamond ever found (the 3,106 Carat Cullinan discovered in 1905), he never thought it would be sold for this much.

Now, not only has this enormous, baseball-sized diamond been named but it is also set to be sold on June 29th in London by Sotheby’s with an estimated selling price of over $70 million!

Measuring 65mm x 56 mm x 40 mm, the diamond was dubbed “Lesedi la Rona” which translates into “Our Light” in Tswana. It is also estimated to be over 3 billion years old, which makes its grandiose price tag well worth it - it is, after all, a piece of our Earth’s history.

Here's more on this crazy chunk of ice:
[ Source: SothebysTV ]