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Awesome detailed write-up review from one of our customer!
First things first, I have an existing relationship with Armytrix, I am not here to flog their product and this review is my review, posted without bias.

I spent around six month trying to figure out what system I wanted. Because my wife and I both drive the car I knew I needed something with variable loudness. Knowing the downpipes would go catless I wanted to make sure I had some control over the noise output in the back.

I like loud exhausts, however I cannot stand it when they start to resonate as the car hist closer to the rev-limiter, as that produces a tin like sound I do not appreciate at all.

I ordered my exhaust system directly from Armytrix, it took 5 days to arrive after it has been built in Taiwain and it was packaged beautifully. This is what the package looks like after unboxing:

The middle box has the control unit with the remotes in it. This exhaust control unit can operate the valves based on throttle position or based on a preset RPM threshold when you are in automatic mode or you can turn the valves on and off via the remote.
Right now the exhaust is running open all the time as I did not have time to install the control unit yet. I am deciding on whether I should run the vacuum line under the car or inside the car and I need to make my mind up. Install instructions are quite clear and everything is pre-made.

I opted for the Titanium tips, which look like this on the front and then on the back:

All for tips are absolutely consistent in their colouring at the horizon where it fades from blue into titanium is perfect.
Here is a picture of them mounted:

The valves are piston based valves which are actuated by vacuum. These tend to hold up better I did not want electronic flaps.
They are based on a re-loaded spring, so when vacuum is applied the valve is closed, as soon as the vacuum is taken away the preloaded spring snaps them open, very quickly and efficiently.

The top nipple is where the vacuum hose gets pushed over and then attached to.

Next a couple of pictures from the initial mounting. Right now there are just a tiny bit of fitment issues, mainly due to the fact that the exhaust is still settling in. Nothing that cannot be fixed by adjusting the hangers just a little. This system mounts in the stock location and the narrow channel in the diffusor is large enough to accommodate the new 3.5" flange to the to mid-pipe where the muffler section attaches:
(a bit unsharp, my apologies)

One thing needs to be noted. Behind the rear grill above the diffusor is a metal structure which holds the diffusor in place. The muffler needs t be carefully placed in the rubber bushings and pushed into the right position so that it does not touch and thus create a ringing noise. In my install we did not do that carefully enough on the right hand side so when the exhaust gets finally hot it starts to touch barely. Once the vacuum lines get installed I will correct that minor mishap. That really was us not leaving enough space.

The custom Y pipe is something I chose to have fabricated, armytrix offers their own Y-pipe as well:
My Y-pipe

It is a custom setup utilizing a 4 inch main pipe reducing to a 3.5" flange for mounting puposes

The video really does not do the sound justice, I am using a Fujifilm camera with a tiny microphone, in person it sounds a lot more aggressive.

The sound is deep and almost like a growl at lower RPMs, it develops very linearly and then shifts up in pitch once you get closer to red-line. I have been experimenting for a while now and I cannot say that there is any drone at all. In 5th and 6th gear when you force the car to do more work than necessary, for example accelerating from 50KM/h in 6th you can hear the deeper frequencies in a very pronounced manner, however there is none of the resonance that usually comes with drone. Cruising on the highway going anywhere from 60Mph to 70mph with no load on the engine the rolling noise from the run flats is louder than the rumble from the exhaust and that is with the valves open. I am sure it will not be noticeable once the valves are closing. I will update this post once everything is installed to show the difference in sound level and the operation of the valves.

All in all I am very happy, if anyone wants specific pictures or videos, please let me know.

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