Aventador + SLR + 458 + Superleggera in Downtown at night

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heys guys just wanted to share a little video I put together along with some pictures,

these cars were parked outside a club in Vancouer, BC this past Saturday.

hope you like :bow1:

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thanks for sharing
Some real quality flics right there!!!
The group shot is amazing.
Guess Vancouver is more wild then Toronto , great shots by the way
Looks like its outside Pop Opera.

SR Auto in the house
Good catch of the ADV.1 McLaren. Nice shots toO!
looks like the SR crew. Amazing cars! ADV1 SLR is killin the game! love it.
Nice pics. There's also what appear to be a Maserati GT(probably grancabrio) in front of the Aventador and behind it a 997 Porsche(possible GT2RS).
LOL... Vacouver wilder'er than Toronto... not so much... just happens to be winter in Toronto and none of such vehicles dare be on the road. Give us a few months and the beasts will come out to play.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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