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Call me crazy but I’m almost certain the drivers from the 1980’s Group B rally cars could never have imagined that the technologies being showcased in their own cars would eventually find a place in a luxury four door sedan. Turbocharging tech accompanied by sophisticated all-wheel drive systems have now completed their journey from those chaotic races - over 30 years ago - to the mass markets of today in the form of the impressive Audi RS7. Paying homage to the Audi’s successful racecars of yesteryear, this RS7 is equipped with the properly named Track Spec Competition Series from ADV.1 Wheels. Now, if only someone would revive that legendary rally series and enter one of these bad boys in it…

Wheel Specs:
ADV7 Track Spec CS
Finish: Matte Polished Liquid Smoke Face // Gloss Polished Liquid Smoke Lip & Inner Barrel
Tires: Pirelli P Zero

Please PM us for details, availability, and pricing.
Tell us what you think by commenting below!​

For more photos visit:
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