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Audi R8 V8 dominated the UAE Supercar Festival with Armytrix valvetronic exhaust. Insane flame with malicious exhaust sound has always been the spotlight in car show.

Armytrix has spent hundreds of hours of development and sound tuning to unlock the perfect combination of exhaust tone, sound volume and practicality. The valved exhaust system which was specifically designed to unlock power hidden in the 4.2L/5.2L engine and produce a much more aggressive and characteristic exhaust sound. Another great benefit of the R8 system is that it's so much lighter than the factory exhaust, shaving nearly 21 kilogram of dead weight from the rear of the car, Armytrix achieved this by using aero-grade titanium throughout the entire system and of course, the titanium racing exhaust delivers the best sound for each individual owner at all revs without needing manual switching; this is an unmatched piece of performance engineering.

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Armytrix Instagram: @Armytrix_F1_exhaust

Stand back from the fire, you might get burned :D

Armytrix titanium exhaust for Audi R8 V8
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