Audi's planning on putting on a show at CES 2019 next month. No really, they're turning the inside of a car into a new digital experience and movie theatre to show off what the self-driving car could mean for passengers.

The Consumer Electronics Show is January 8th to the 11th in Las Vegas. It's where all the new gadgets come out to play. Audi will be showing off a new Immersive In-Car Entertainment system. This one will be stationary, but you'll get the idea of what the future of in-car entertainment has in-store.

Audi says that "thanks to automated driving, occupants will have 'free' time in the car in the future in which they can use the next generation of in-car entertainment, for example."

The booth will show off just what exactly that means. The automaker says the infotainment system will "offer an experience for all the senses."

Though we're hoping they don't add a smell component. Our cars smell enough as it is. Audi calls the journey the destination with the new format. We think the destination will always be the destination, but there's no reason why you can't make the journey more enjoyable.