The Aston Martin Rapide as we know it is getting axed.

Speaking to Australia’s Motoring, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer has confirmed the gasoline-powered Rapide is not long for this world. Instead, the four-door sedan will be replaced with an all-electric version called RapidE, while those wanting a traditional gasoline powerplant will have to look towards the new Lagonda or DBX crossover. “The Rapide as a car by itself disappears, [but] the four-door market is covered in a different way,” he said.

The RapidE will be an all-electric car and is rumored to have around 800 horsepower thanks to a powertrain being developed with the help of Williams Advanced Engineering. Driving range is pinned at around 199 miles (320 kilometers) depending on driving conditions.

This confirms earlier reports that the current Rapide would be replaced by the new Lagonda sedan and DBX crossover, but it’s not the last we will see from Aston Martin in terms of four-door sedans. It is interesting however, that the company is replacing a gasoline-model with an all-electric variant. As for the RapidE, Palmer says to expect it sometime next year.