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Hey L4P Members, I spent some time creating a clone of the Orange/Blue Aston Martin for fun on the last Goldrush. As you guys know Mr. Courtot Drive an Aston Martin Vantage in the Rally. I thought it would be cooler to redesign it on an DBS. As for all of you who own a copy of Forza Motorsport 5 for the XBOX ONE. This is a must Download. First you need to own the Aston Martin DBS in the game, Next go to paint, and search designs, type ASSTON MARTIN and whalaaa
Hope you all enjoy, tell me what you think.
for anyone who wants any design on their car pm me. Also check out the ARTS THREAD for the PUR BLANC EDITION VEYRON
Pictures can be viewed here>>>ASSTON Martin Photos by zzenzoferrariz | Photobucket
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