The future of Aston Martin‘s exterior design is now partly in the hands of Tobias Suehlmann.

Suehlmann comes from high-end supercar maker Bugatti, where he served as the head of exterior design creative development for the past nine months. He will replace Miles Numberger, who was recently promoted to design director at Aston Martin. Both Numberger and Suehlmann will report to chief creative officer Marek Reichman.

As chief exterior designer, Suehlmann will play the important role of influencing the design for the next generation of Aston Martin vehicles, including Lagonda which will be an all-electric brand.

Suehlmann has spent his entire career with the Volkswagen Group and is credited as the lead designer of the 2015 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept, 2016 T-Prime GTE Concept, 2017 Volkswagen Arteon, and 2019 Volkswagen Touareg. It is currently unclear who will replace Suehlmann at Bugatti.

this article first appeared on AutoGuide