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Customer review:

I have had my LP560 for nearly a year now and its time to begin a few subtle modifications - starting with the exhaust system as the car is far to quiet right now!

I started to look around a couple of months ago assessing the usual options such as Capristo or Larini but nothing was quite right for me. I also talked to US owners and companies and considered the Fabspeed system. I then stumbled across ARMYTRIX as they did the exhaust on the crazy Liberty Walk blue 458. Having seen a few videos and spoken to Brian at Armytrix this system seems to be the one for me. Very loud, very light weight, extremely high quality and with a switchable valve system to turn the car noise down so as not to annoy the neighbours!

I ordered last week and a few days later it is here...

The system looks amazing:

Very high quality welding:

Larger diameter pipe work which is suppose to enjoy a 24HP gain (will test!):

Stock system weighs 31KG and this titanium system just 8.9KG.

Remote control system to adjust the noise between 3 levels (on/off/auto):

So that's the system as it stands delivered to me today! I have the car booked in with the fantastic guys at SB race engineering on Friday to install the system.

I intend to next update with pictures and videos of the install, and the first run of the car with the system installed!

Very excited!

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Heavy rain outside so I don't yet have video, but got back from fitting the Armytrix system and it is something very special.

Very low down the rev range it is probably a little quieter than RSC or Capristo, but anything over 3.5k rpm and this thing begins to scream with such character. It is loud. Towards the red line it is SCREAMING and just sounds fantastic.

The system fitted perfectly, the remote valves are very useful, but I think it deserves to be on the loudest setting at all times!

I'm hoping to get some good videos tomorrow, or Monday depending on the weather so watch out for updates.
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