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Armytrix Catless downpipes with cat-simulator, No Check Engine Light!

PP-Performance Power Box Stage 2 + Armytrix decatted down pipe = +93.6 Horsepower

Exhaust system fitted by PP-Performance Dubai, UAE inquiry [email protected]

To enhance Mercedes-Benz A45/CLA45 AMG by adding the Armytrix stainless steel exhaust system to increase power, reduce weight, and improve sound. This precision-made performance system delivers more power, especially in the low and mid rev range, the effect on the sound is significant, adding a deep resonant sporty sound, but at the same time neutralizes the annoying frequencies in the most critical rpm range. Complete the look with a set of twin sporty chrome polished silver tailpipes.

Valves opened (Race mode): When car owners turn on the race mode (valves opened), the gas go through the section of straight pipes, this is where you get this incredibly race sound and performance gain in full throttle.

Valve closed (Street mode): When the valves are closed, the gas are redirect to the muffler section, this is where you turn the volume down in quiet mode without disturbing the neighborhoods, it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want the sound to be that loud all the time, and it helps a lot with eliminating the drones inside the car and more comfortable driving.

Valve auto adjustment (Auto mode): Especially when car owners are in driving in auto mode, the valves will automatically close to maintain backpressure at low rpm, which give you better launch-start without losing the power, when you are driving in high speed, the valves will automatically open for maximum air flow, which add more horse power to your car. You can set whatever timing your want for valves to automatically open and close by rpm or how deep you press your gas pedal, it’s a new toy making your car more fun to drive.

Cold Start And Revs - Popping and Banging :D

GoPro Road sounds

+23.6 Horsepower with Armytrix Decatted downpipes
+93.6 Horsepower with PP Power Box and Armytrix Decatted downpipes

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