For years, people used to say that it was only a matter of time before anyone would be able to travel to the moon for their next vacation...

Now, the future seems to be closer than ever as  SpaceX--the pet project of Tesla Motor's founder Elon Musk-- is ready to fly two private citizens to the moon and back by late 2018.

While the company has said that the citizens will not actually land on the moon, they tour around it before returning to Earth. According to SpaceX, the two soon-to-be-astronauts have already set forth a significant deposit and will undergo a series of health tests before beginning their training later this year.

The vessel for this trip will be the Crew Dragon spacecraft, which is completely autonomous, meaning travelers aboard will not have to be professionally-trained astronauts. Lift-off will be from Kennedy Space Center’s 39A pad, which is near Cape Canaveral. This is the same launch pad used by the Apollo astronauts.

While you may be wondering the ticket price for this breath-taking adventure, SpaceX has not divulged the price. However, they are expecting more interest in future bookings.

[Source: RobbReport ]