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Cameras are to cool but I don't know squat about them. GF had a nikon d3000 and had a little accident few weeks back , late night partying , stepping from one boat to another. Her and the camera went swimming.
Camera was doing some weird light show when she got back on the boat and of course its not working but the lens will work on manual but its not allowing all the function to work on automatic now.
She found a body only on e bay and ordered it so shes back in the action with her tele lens, but bouncing around on e bay I notice I see a lot of refurbished lens for sale.

My question is, is this Nikon d3000 and the lens that is not working worth anything.
What would be you guys best guess she might could sell them for parts make a few dollar to put on something new.
. I'm 850 buys on e bay use it a lot so things are at the house when I get home. You know a womans mind its toast throw it away but if its worth something , selling them both for parts, my thought was will give her some extra funds to get some other lens for her toy which is her camera so is there somewhere to send it where they can repair it. Either way to me is better than throwing it away if there is any hope for it.

Camera's are fun i'm into the gopro movement with the toys so need you guys help on this..
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