From helicopters to airplanes, here’s a roundup of the most amazing and jaw-dropping aircraft interiors we’ve ever seen.

Mercedes- Style VIP Jet

Okay, so this one is still in its conceptual phase- but we can’t deny how sleek and futuristic it looks. Mercedes has lent their knowledge and experience in making attractive interiors to Lufthansa Technik to create an interior that makes us want to step into this jet with our best Sunday clothes. Flow effortlessly ties everything from the built-in lounger to the absolutely stunning white swivel chairs together.

 Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP Airplane

The Dreamliner is a monstrous Boeing 787 VIP jumbo jet designed by New-York based Edése Doret. To give you an idea of what the wide-bodied jet could cost you, the 787-8 VIP is priced at about $180 million and the larger version, the 787-9 is $200 million. While the prices are as high as this aircraft flies, the interior makes us drool so much, we may as well be called a waterfall. From the 14-seat dining room to the owner’s apartment on the upper deck, this plane bleeds luxury through and through.

 Flying Colours Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter


Accommodating up to a total of nine passengers (four in the front, five in the back), this helicopter’s electric blue interior is downright gorgeous. The most interesting part? This isn’t even a brand-new aircraft! According to Sean Gillespie, vice-president of Flying Colours, the helicopter was 7-8 years old before it was bought up by a private owner and was completely transformed.

HAECO Airbus A330-200

HAECO Private Jet Solutions has partnered up with a renewed fashion brand to create this versatile, one-of-a kind jumbo jet. The interior is an exquisite mix of modern/contemporary and Eastern flair which when combined create a relaxing, memorable interior sure to awe all of its first-class clientele.

Greenpoint Boeing 747-8

Green point Technologies recently completed work on Boeing’s largest passenger jet, a 747-8 which can (normally) carry about 450 passengers in a cabin measuring 20 feet wide. It is the first jet of its kind to be remodelled for personal use and from the looks of it, it certainly won’t be the last! The project was completed in December and took a total of three years to create.


[ Source: RobbReport ]