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I am sorry as i am new to the forum i still have not figured out how to post larger images (if you want to view in HD visit the sites in my signature)

This is how they roll in Saudi Arabia or the land of Arabia.

From my latest personal project.

Plz comment and if there is a good response I have something very exiting planned for Luxury4Play community.

Felidae Wildlife Jaguar Small to medium-sized cats Vehicle

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Classic Wildlife

Motor vehicle Wildlife Vehicle Car Cheetah

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Vintage car Classic
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I'll be impressed the day you get a T-rex to do a photoshoot.


Cool pictures though
I didn't know they rode Cheetahs.

what do you mean by 'they'?
Thanks FJpanda
unfortunately all the T-Rex's are extinct.

Well we can only hope that someone can make Jurassic park's technology and bring t-rex's to life again, I will surely do a photo shoot then.
surprised it isn't a racing ostrich posing next to a gold veyron

They r rich but still don't won any gold mines
those belong to the government and the Oil Wells too
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