Here's the story we ran for April Fools Day earlier. Thanks for all the shares!

After months of diving stock prices and increasing pressure from shareholders, Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne announced this morning that the luxury automaker is making a minivan. Going into production immediately, the Ferrari GT Familia Ibrido marks the first time the Prancing Pony will grace the soccer mom category.

The news comes as a huge about-face from Ferrari’s previous direction. Marchionne was famously quoted by Bloomberg earlier this year as saying, “You have to shoot me first,” when referring to any potential move towards producing an SUV. But when asked by Luxury4Play why the change of heart, Mr. Marchionne said they were determined to “get ahead of the curve” in this market.

“We really had no choice here,” he adds. “Those guys at Lamborghini are making an SUV—and Porsche has been baiting moms for years."

The Hybrid 2017 GTFI boasts the same Plug-in Hybrid Technology employed by Ferrari’s flagship LaFerrari supercar—a move Marchionne says will make its first-ever foray into the minivan world a very environmentally-friendly one.

With an initial sticker price of $50,000 the Ferrari GT Familia Ibrido is only available by PRE-ORDER HERE directly from Ferrari. The run is extremely limited.

Source: [ Ferrari ]