Apartment investment...?

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I am going to be turning 19 in a few weeks and im still confused. Real estate investment is an amazing investment because you are getting income from it and also building equity. I want to start investing now. The reason im confused is would it be the right time to start and how. Also does anyone on here have experience with apartment investing. Does anyone live in the Vancouver BC area, who can help me put my foot in the door.

Also this site is amazing, i just found out about it. I wish i knew about it long time ago. Keep it up.

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Here in the states it really doesn't pay to buy a house unless you put a huge down 80%+ or have some crazy low interest rate and a 30 year payment.
this, plus the real estate market here won't really allow for real estate investment profit for a loooong time
Well you are in a different country, but from what I have read and what I understand and percieve of the situation, I think it will be a loong time, at least 5 years more like 10 down here in the states before the real estate market really picks up. Think about it this way, a healthy economy and lending industry = healthy real estate market. Right now the economy is just getting worse and worse as well as the lending industry by the day, and will take a long time for the damage of this collapse to be undone and people to recover. When most of the population has a lack of capital to be able to buy a property outright, and the fact that the lenders just will not write loans anymore, even if you have spotless credit, where is the buyer? The commercial real estate will suffer for longer I believe down here because there is no boom in industry and business, we have sent all of our manufacturing, IT, and HR resources out of the country, and it will only continue to get worse. The reason the Depression turned around with a snap was WWII and a demand for manufacturing which created jobs as well as capital to buy homes and stimulate the marketplace. And I just don't see it right now here in America.

I am speaking about the USA. I am not sure what the market is like up there, but I would imagine like in the rest of the world, the days of joe-blow flipping real estate and artificially inflating the market are over. You are going to have to really work hard and find a unique niche to make a decent profit

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