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I am in the P.O.C and am currently in 1st for my class, and series. I love the Porsche Owners Club, its a great group of people, tons of members, and a complete blast when you get to drive 10/10ths around the track, completely on rails, and make your car do what it was made for.

ANYWAYS, If you aren't in the Porsche Owners Club, but do own a Porsche, I highly recommend it. Sign up for a PDS event and come out to the track, get an instructor that drives a similar car like you, and he will show you the ropes. GET OUT THERE AND DRIVE A PORSCHE LIKE A PORSCHE! =).

::porsche Owners Club::

No, this is not some paid endorsement, or an advertisement, I wasn't put up to this. Its just a great organization, a great group of people, and a total blast.
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